Zoe Christian Fellowship Endowment Foundation represents the Power of One. The power of the fist is mightier than individual fingers. The fist represents the power of a unified collective effort. When many come together as one, a powerful positive change can happen in contrast to the inefficiency of individual efforts. The foundation is comprised of several Zoe Churches which gives us the strength to accomplish our vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an endowment?
An endowment is a pool of donated money invested to produce income. The principal generally remains untouched. On a predetermined schedule, a portion of the income earned is distributed to activities, operations and/or special projects that fall within the scope of the foundationís purpose. Additional earnings are reinvested for future growth.

Can I create my own endowment fund?
Yes, you may create a new endowment or contribute to an existing one.

What are the various ways in which in can donate?
The most popular and easily managed donation source is money. However there are several other ways such as, Securities, tangible personal property, intangible personal property, such as patents, contract, promissory notes, royalties and trademarks. Real estate and life insurance policies can also be given.

Who can participate?
Any member or supporter of Zoe Christian Fellowship.

I have a car I no longer want, can I donate it to the Endowment Foundation?
Yes. You can donate your car. Any make or model and any year. Monetary value will vary depending upon the condition. For more information, click the link.