Zoe Christian Fellowship Endowment Foundation represents the Power of One. The power of the fist is mightier than individual fingers. The fist represents the power of a unified collective effort. When many come together as one, a powerful positive change can happen in contrast to the inefficiency of individual efforts. The foundation is comprised of several Zoe Churches which gives us the strength to accomplish our vision.

Contact Us

5315 West Adams Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Phone: 323-931-1477, ext 14
Fax: 323-938-7698

Frank L. Stewart
323-931-1477 Ext 14

Executive Director
Joyce Howard
323-931-1477 Ext 14

Director of Planned Giving
Kimberley Ausgood
323-931-1477 Ext 21

To request further information please e-mail  to info@zcfendowment.org.