Zoe Christian Fellowship Endowment Foundation represents the Power of One. The power of the fist is mightier than individual fingers. The fist represents the power of a unified collective effort. When many come together as one, a powerful positive change can happen in contrast to the inefficiency of individual efforts. The foundation is comprised of several Zoe Churches which gives us the strength to accomplish our vision.

About Us

The Inspiration
Founded in 2005, Zoe Christian Fellowship Endowment Foundation is a non profit charitable organization located in Los Angeles, California. The inspiration behind the organization comes from Bishop Frank L. Stewart. Bishop Stewart has understood that the Church has been the most influential institution. Also demonstrated throughout history, the Church, along with being the spiritual center, has always served many purposes; community outreach, educational support, financial support and pastoral support to name just a few.

Now, more than ever, churches and the pastors that lead them find themselves managing ever increasing resources, needing greater means to service broader needs.

Born out of his many years of participating in various capacities within the Church, Bishop Stewart recognized the growing need and sought a suitable solution. Fortunately, many organizations through the course of American History, similarly situated, have found the solution to their problem in the form of endowments. Bishop Stewart believes that a perfect solution for addressing the growing needs of the church is the Zoe Christian Fellowship Endowment Foundation.

The Visionary
Bishop Frank L. Stewart has been a respected leader for many years. Among his many endeavors he has consistently dedicated himself to ministering to and teaching other bishops, pastors and ministerial leaders to sufficiently educate and empower their constituents. While focusing on spiritual truths, Bishop Stewart also includes the often overlooked aspect of practical "life management" encompassing both physical and economic health in his message.

Bishop Stewart has been instrumental in the birth of many ministries. He is president and founder of The Association of ZOE Christian Fellowship Ministries International, which is a primary vehicle for planting churches. The Association currently consists of 21 independent ZOE churches under its jurisdiction. Among the 21 Zoe churches under his leadership, one is a Latino congregation in California, 12 are in South Africa, and one church is in Japan. The one word that would best describe the mission of the Association of ZOE Christian Fellowship Ministries International is PURPOSE. The mission of the Association is to help believers to optimize their lives and the lives of others and become more effective Christians through knowledge and fulfillment of their God-given purpose.

Bishop Stewart established ZOE Christian Leadership Training Institute, a personal management and leadership training school for adults similar to a Dale Carnegie School with a Christian emphasis. The Training Institute has been a primary avenue for implementing Bishop Stewart’s emphasis on divine purpose and Christian leadership development.

Organizational Structure

Board Members

Bishop Frank L. Stewart – Chairman
Pastor, Zoe Christian Fellowship of Los Angeles
Monica Isabell
Daniel Yohannes

Corporate Trustee

Christian Foundation of the West
Custodian Fidelity Investments


Bishop Frank L. Stewart, President
Joyce Howard, Executive Director
Kimberley Ausgood, Director of Planned Giving